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A Step-By-Step Guide for New Entrepreneurs

Facebook currently has over 2 billion daily active users. YouTube has almost 2 billion active users. Instagram has 1 billion. Twitter has approximately 330 million, LinkedIn has 303 million, and Pinterest has 250 million.

Why all these statistics about how many social media users there are?

To make one, powerful point: your customers and potential customers are DEFINITELY on at least one, if not more of these social media platforms. With such a staggering number of people using social media every single day, it is one of the most POWERFUL ways to grow your business.

Social media platforms allow you to attract new customers and connect with audiences that you never would otherwise. And if your business isn’t location dependent, you can reach customers thousands of miles away through social media. You don’t need to rely only on local customers. By posting on social media, you can even attract customers from other countries. You can get your brand in front of a vast audience who might otherwise not hear of you.

Through consistent posting on social media, you can build a powerful brand that separates you from the crowd. And you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by regularly posting new, insightful content.

Of course, these realities also raise some important questions:

  • What is the best platform to use?

  • What tactics should you use to be seen by the most people?

  • Are there certain types of content that perform better than others?

  • How can you regularly post content?

  • What etiquette rules do you need to follow?  

Many business owners think that if they simply start posting on social media, they’ll be successful and attract new customers. But it doesn’t work this way.

In order to build your business through social media, you need to have a strategy in place. You need to know where you’re going to post, what you’re going to post, how often you’re going to post, and more.

It’s important to have a strategy for engaging with your audience. Simply put, you need to have a plan. It’s not enough to post across a variety of social media networks.

Without a definitive plan for how you’re going to use social media, you probably won’t get the results that you want. However, if you do have a plan, you’ll find yourself quickly building an audience.

In this report, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to social media strategy for building your business. We’ll guide you through the what, why, and how, so that by the end, you have a firm plan in place.


Step #1: Choose Your Platform(s)              

Step #2: Optimize Your Social  Media Profile

1. Select A Professional Username                 

2. Use A High-Quality Profile Photo                

3. Write A Compelling “About” Section           

4. Upload A Professional Cover Photo             

5. Enter All Your Contact Information             

6. Be Professional                                        

Step #3: Create A Posting Schedule           

Step #4: Begin Posting On Social Media     

Step #5: Engage With Your Followers         

Step #6: Follow The Right People               

Step #7: Use Hashtags                              

Step #8: Experiment 

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{FREE DOWNLOAD} Social Media For Beginners (EBOOK)

2 ratings
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